DIY Projects

Inside Front Door

"Before" picture of the front door. It was a plain wood slab, not the original. I got an estimate for a new Arts and Crafts style door with stained glass and installation that was nearly $2500, partly because the door is oversized.
"After" picture of the front door. I didn't want to pay $2500, so I spent about $150. I bought a piece of dentil molding and attached it to the door. I glued narrow pieces of trim to align with the Mission-style trim around the door. I painted the door the same color as the egg-and-dart molding around my ceiling, then painted stencils on the door.

After all this, it looked a bit too bright and overly yellow, so I put terracotta color glaze over everything and used a rag roll-off faux finishing technique to tone it down a bit. It may not be a $2500 door, but it feels like at least a $1000 door!